Umkimzulu Litter 2010 Red and Tiger

                                                            Red themed Litter 10 lovely pups


                             Just born







Alera the puppy I am keeping
Going to live with Craig and the family
Going to live in Qld
Bluestripe Girl
Pretty Pink Girl
Show boy Red
Sarah Wheatleys Girl
Pink Stripe going to Ryan who already has ridgie from me

Zu going to live in Canberra




hannah and blue stripe
emily and pink stripe
hannah in the dora house
sleeping on the huge catapilla
emily hannah and tiger
sleeping after playtime
silverwolf 4 weeks




show boy wolf
Love the chair 6 weeks
Playing 6 weeks
Black collar boy 7 weeks
Jazzmine 7 weeks
Playing 6 weeks
Wolf ridge
In the pool
Wolf 7 weeks











Pink stripes girl 4 weeks
Pink girl 4 weeks
blue sripe girl 4 weeks
Purple Stripes 4 weeks
Silver girl 4 weeks
Purple girl 4 weeks







tummy tickled 3 weeks .
Girl 1
Girl 2
Girl 3
Girl 4
Girl 5
Girl 6
Male 1
Male 2






Boy 3
Boy 4
two weeks old
taking it easy
2 weeks old
killing the ladybird
Just born






All together
Puppy tunnel
Puppy Pile
Typical ridgies
showing lovely ridge .
showing lovely ridge .