"Once you have owned a Rhodesian Ridgeback you will never be satisfied with anything less."

- Major T.C. Hawley.



We are now based on  the Beautiful  West Coast Of Tasmania  . Well known for its thriving tourist attractions of Cradle Mountain and the West Coast Railway .

I have been involved with dogs all my life ,I showed my dogs while we were living in NSW .I was involved with the Ridgeback Club Inc with a stint as Vice president and trophy steward ,merchandise office and part of the committee that ran very successful shows at Newcastle .Unfortunately I was involved in a car accident that has stopped me from showing my Ridgebacks but I am still active with my mums Terriers . 

I spent two years whilst living in the United Kingdom working for the RSPCA .I have also been involved with Animal Rescue in Australia.

Whilst living in Perth ,Western Australia we owned and operated Knightsbridge Boarding kennels for a number of years so we have a solid background in Dogs ..


Foundation of Umkimzulu ..Shakira and Zuri  




This personal site began in 1996 I am the web master and I believe it was the FIRST Rhodesian Ridgeback breeders web site in Australia . I also helped other breeders to build a site and these have continued on .




I have had Rhodesian Ridgebacks for 30 years and have bred and exhibited with much success in many States . Including 2 Grand Champions BISS & BIS winners and 25 Australian Champions more on the way our dogs have attained . 

I am not longer breeding but I will always have Ridgebacks 




Pictured Amy with her Obedience Sashes and trophy.


  FCH Ruby Ch Fch Umkimzulu American Beauty ET



We are very proud of our ongoing showring and speciality success for all the winners please go to the page titles/awards 


Listed 5 Generations of BIS/RUBIS HOME bred Winners.

imgBISS  Ch Umkimzulu  Dark Wings Dark Words 








RUBIS Ch Umkimzulu Mystic River

 Runner up to BIS All Breeds

Judge Mr B Fears Group and Specials(NZ) entry over 700 .






BIS Grand Ch Umkimzulu Navaho Warrior (AI)

BIS All Breeds  Belconnen All Breeds Kennel Club (Open Show) (597

entries) Judge Mr D Strachan (ACT)







BISS/RUBIS Ch Umkimzulu Jewel Nth Crown

BIS RR Speciality,RUBIS RR Speciality.

Multi BIS and RUBIS Hound Club Champ and Open shows WA  





RUBISS Umkimzulu Safaribyralflauren (Smith/Baker)






I was very honoured to be given the outstanding Chilli .A BREED RECORD HOLDER Multi BIS Aust Grand Ch Bearstar Chilean Willow R.O.M by breeder S Ryan ,I was able to have two litters from her and her lines are behind all of my dogs , also behind many top winners here in Australia and Overseas. While she was with us she was awarded her Grand Championship and also her ROM ,Chilli passed away aged 14 years her contribution to the breed will be hard to match .


I am honoured that over the years other breeders have purchased Ridgebacks from myself to extend there lines these dogs have had a big influence in breeding programs. Overseas UMKIMZULU lines are seen in top winners in the United Kingdom and further a field .


Ridgebacks bred by Umkimzulu are owned by a few high profile people they have been been seen on TV in advertising and in magazines .Dogs NSW breed feature september 2010 Bakari was chosen for the cover a great thrill for me and his owners .


My Ridgebacks have been used in judges training and judges hound assessments and also by Junior Handlers .


I am not one to follow the crowd and use dogs that are the flavour of the month I am more interested in using dogs who have interesting lines that will compliment my bitches the dogs I have used are great examples of the breed with lovely calm natures .Umkimzulu are always on the look out for new bloodlines for the future .


In the Highlands you woke up in the morning and thought :Here I am ,where I ought to be ,because here I belong ….Karen Blixen .Out Of Africa

 pictured with Riley ..




I have a very strong interest in the South African and Zimbabwean lines and this can be seen in my dogs . In fact Umkimzulu have some of the strongest AFRICAN lines in AUSTRALIA.



Each litter is well researched and planned we have a huge personal data base that enables me to plan future litters and I am in the position of having seen many dogs in the pedigrees first hand .I have travelled all over Australia exhibiting my dogs . In 2011

I visited Crufts to see over 200 Ridgies .I also travelled  to WDS in Budapest in 2014 and  Helsinki 2015 and to the UK to a all breeds show to again see more Ridgebacks.

2020 back to Crufts .


I was never interested in how many dogs I could get titled myself even though we have personally done well ,I was more interested and still am in giving new people into the breed a chance to own a nice puppy and I am more than happy to sell a new exhibitor a quality puppy .


In my opinion a breeder should be getting their dogs into the rings and not just exhibiting the dogs themselves ,my dogs can win on their own merits I am here to help and encourage new people in the breed . I am here to mentor when they are starting out in the breed and happy to offer help and assistance ,I feel that's the job of long time breeders .A breeder that just breeds for the puppy market is not doing our breed any favours .


I instil my breeding ETHICS in my puppy parents and I expect these to be offered with the same guarantees that I offer if they intend to show and breed in the future. .My dogs are not  available for public stud but I will consider it if I feel the combination will be excellent .I again expect any breeder who would use of of my dogs to offer the same guarantees I do . I am not interested in my well bred dogs going to novice breeders .I am committed to this wonderful breed never wavering from breeding sound happy healthy dogs .




I am very strict with the health issues of the breed and never waver from doing what is right by our dogs and our puppy people .


This can be seen by the guarantees and de sexing contracts offered on our pups for over 25 years .







*I am a member of DOGS NSW&CAWA


  *Passed State Representative for WA for the RRC (Inc) 9 years

  *Fundraiser WA National

  *Passed State Representative for WA QLD RRC .

  *Passed Newcastle Representative for the RRC Inc .

 *Passed Merchandise Manager RRC Inc

 *Committee and Trophy steward Sponsorship for the first RR championship Show held in Newcastle in 2004 I was instrumental in the development of this show  this has become an annual event ..



Our dogs live in our home and are a big part of our family life . They all live together .They spent a great deal of time laying out in the sun and playing together since moving to Tasmania they are really enjoying the much cooler weather .

Currently we have 3  Ridgebacks our eldest is now 10 years . So when u visit you can see the whole family.We purchased a property in Tasmania that has a lovely outlook right by the river and with views of Mount Owen we are surrounded with temperate rain Forrest .




Small photo of me with a Lion cub those were the days when you were still allowed to interact with cubs at lion parks ,even at this age I must have been 8 years old I was fascinated by these wonderful animals . Little did I know that many years down the track I would find a breed that had so close a link to the lions that I loved so much . My home is decorated throughout with an African theme .I have been very lucky to have been given some beautiful African items by friends who have travelled to Africa in the passed .I am often asked by people who visit my home when did you go to

Africa ?? As yet I have not been but its on my Bucket List !!